This is a blog about writing a biography – a biography of Raymond Chandler. It’s an odd task to set oneself – to try and re-imagine someone’s life and then to write about it. You find yourself in strange places and encounter some strange things. But it is always an adventure. This blog will, I hope, be the record of that adventure.

Raymond Chandler was a fascinating man. Born in America, brought up in London, blown up in World War I – he even became a successful oil man until alcoholism got in the way. And all this happened before he started publishing great fiction. He didn’t need to be an important writer to live an interesting life. It just so happened that he was and he did. And that makes me a lucky biographer.

I hope you enjoy my updates and I hope, too, that they make you go out and buy Subdued Magic: A Life of Raymond Chandler which will be published in 2010 by Aurum. But I also would love to hear from Chandler fans around the world. He is a great writer and he inspires passion in his readers. I hope that this blog will be a place to share it.

All best for now,



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