Chandler on the Guardian Blog

I have been very quiet of late, having just moved to LA it’s all been a bit busy. But I saw this interesting blog by Robert McCrum and thought I’d share. He is quite right about Chandler’s craft and the way that writing was a physically draining experience. Chandler was always a workman when it came to writing and he barely allowed himself time off to recover. Writing may have saved him from alcohol in the 1930s but it certainly drove him back to drink in the 40s and 50s.


2 responses to “Chandler on the Guardian Blog

  1. ah. I read this blog. wild. I find myself only able to relate to (awe-inspiring) writers when it comes to their drinking ‘problems’.

  2. chandlerbiography

    @mm you have a wealth of writers to chose from then. Joyce, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Malcolm Lowery, Tennessee Williams…the list is endless. It may be that brilliant minds are tortured by their own genius and the only release many find is through alcohol. At least they had fun when the could.

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