Getting Things Wrong

The trouble with research is that it can often take you down blind alleys. Take yesterday, for example, I spent most of the morning reading Civil War records because I thought that Eugene R. Hurlburt – Cissy’s father – had fought for the Yankees in the Civil War. He makes a fleeting appearance in my book but, still, it was interesting stuff. Or so I thought. Having worked my way through lots of documents, I found out that there were two Eugene R. Hurlburts – one who did fight in the Civil War and another who was father to Cissy. So, whereas the former died in 1920, the latter died in the 1890s (as best as I can determine). There is a small chance that they might be one and the same person but I am not convinced.

It goes to show, though, that it’s worth pursuing each thread as far as you can. And, even though this one led nowhere, it did help me find out more accurate information about Cissy and her father.


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