Julian Pascal

The funny thing about records is that the authors of them and their subjects are rarely consistent. I’ve been researching Julian Pascal, Cissy’s first husband, and it’s proven to be complicated stuff. For one thing, Pascal changed his name from Goodridge Bowen to Julian Pascal at some point and he sometimes uses his original surname coupled with his new one, though rarely. He married a woman called Anette in Barbados – where the couple met – and they had children in the 1890s on the island. Confusingly, his offspring sometimes used the double surname Bowen Pascal  when they were traveling to the US which can momentarily make you worry that there are different Bowen Pascal’s somewhere on Barbados.  But the most confusing bit came about because of divorce. Between 1901 and 1910 Anette and Julian marriage collapsed and in all future records Anette claimed that her children were born in England not in Barbados and, in 1915, when she wanted to apply for a passport she claimed her husband was dead. Add to this the naturally confusion of dates and bad hand writing and you get a situation where you’re not quite sure if you’re dealing with the same people you thought you were – or it least, I did. I’ve made mistakes in the past, and spend days following the wrong trail but, this time I am confident that I have identified the right people and it was Julian’s son that made me sure of it. Ray and Gordon Pascal were great friends – they signed up to the Canadian army together, for example – and it seems impossible that there could be two Julian Pascal’s with a son called Gordon. Doesn’t it?


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