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Publishing And The Agency Model

Occasionally I write for a blog run by The Bookseller called Futurebook and I thought I’d copy my latest post for them here as well. You can see the original here if you want or feel free to comment below.

A few weeks ago Annette Green blogged about how the agency model ran the risk of undermining the legitimate digital publishing market because it could result in ebooks costing more than the physical edition and she used several examples of ebooks costing more than physical books (Stephen Fry’s memoir for one) to make her point. On the surface of it this seems like a clear cut case against the agency model however the recent launch of the Beatles albums on iTunes may show that the model still has something to offer. Continue reading


Google and The Ebook

When I’m not working on Chandler I work in publishing and I’ve just written this blog post on google and the ebook for which I though I’d share.

I’m Back

I had a bit of bad news recently but the upshot of this is that I can now focus full time on Chandler. I’ve neglected this blog for far too long but am chomping at the bit to let you know what I’ve been up to.