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Julian Pascal

The funny thing about records is that the authors of them and their subjects are rarely consistent. I’ve been researching Julian Pascal, Cissy’s first husband, and it’s proven to be complicated stuff. For one thing, Pascal changed his name from Goodridge Bowen to Julian Pascal at some point and he sometimes uses his original surname coupled with his new one, though rarely. Continue reading


Getting Things Wrong

The trouble with research is that it can often take you down blind alleys. Take yesterday, for example, I spent most of the morning reading Civil War records because I thought that Eugene R. Hurlburt – Cissy’s father – had fought for the Yankees in the Civil War. Continue reading

Pearls Are A Nuisance

‘Pearls Are A Nuisance’ is one of Chandler’s more unusual stories. It appeared in the Dime Detective in 1939 and is narrated by a heavy drinking, 6ft something Anglicized American by the name of Walter Gage who talks ‘the way Jane Austen writes’ despite his size and muscles (he played football in college we are told by his adoring girlfriend, Ellen). Continue reading

Cissy’s Age

Cissy Chandler

Cissy Chandler

On Wednesday, at the USC event to mark the 50th anniversary of Raymond Chandler’s death, Judith Freeman wittily pointed out that when she found Cissy Chandler’s death certificate at the Bodelian Library in Oxford, even that document got her date of birth wrong. It gives her birth date as 1886 making her sixty-eight at the time of her death. She was, in fact, eighty-four. Continue reading